Co- Creating Together

The cycle of abundance is moving constantly and that is co-creating together.

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Previous events

My Phoenix Circle: Talks & Dance with Betsy

Ok Mi gente Welcome to this Circle I am creating to share amazing things and dance together. Bring your Tea Cup, Coffee or Wine, it's up to you. I will bring my Tea !!!. Access through My Phoenix Circle now at Same dynamic and face to face meeting. Be part of our Community at and stay tuned !!

To Collaborate with My Phoenix Circle please Donate at My Jar. Thank You

Phoenix Circle Talk & Zumba

This meeting is created to share ideas and Enjoy Zumba together.

Julia's PARTY


Let's Chat and Dance !!!!!

From Betsy's Window Series

Welcome to this space of friendship and co- creation

Wally & Betsy. Two flows from same Spot: Betsy's Window.