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My Transformation

As a motivator and Movement Coach I finally found my nutritional support !!!!!!

Transforming our Life starts by educating ourselves. Click here to learn a little bit more about nutrition, fertilizers and the toxins in our food, and how amazing alternatives supplements can help us to reverse the damage and improve our longevity 

Latin Angels Master training

La primera plataforma digital con master classes en Español

Orgullosa de ser parte de este revolucionario grupo de profesionales haciendo diferencia en la educación integral de todo el que quiera salir adelante en el mundo del espectáculo e influenciar el mundo. 10 módulos de entrenamiento más un año de subscripcion al club, donde tendrás acceso a millones de master clases con los más reconocidos del medio. 

Hi! I'm Betsy

Movement Coach Betsy Dopico, a proud Cuban-born girl with nothing more than passion, a desire to help others, and a dream, created a community and a global movement called “Pongamos de Moda la Felicidad,” which means let’s make happiness our style. Its goal is  to help people transform themselves and be happy using meaningful action to create results.

Zumba ambassador, Zes and International Presenter for more than 15 years. ZIN volúmenes, 11 Concert lives, Fitness variations, comercial and Zumba Videos. Tv shows. Fitness and Zumba Expos.  Conventions all over the world. 

Combining my degree in Music (piano), Dance, Philosophy, Coaching, healing techniques and Fitness with my Purpose as Co-Creator, my goal is to make people feel how the body can manifest itself, achieving better results and balance, by using the power of the intention of movement. Creating, this powerful awakening I'm building connectors all over the world.


I continue to learn new things each day and expanding my own ideas about what it means to live a fully creative and meaningful life. I work hard every day to make our dreams come true together! 


Heal with Betsy